Minitec services

MiniTec services

MiniTec profile systems tailored to customer needs

Our production unit in Salo designs and assembles solutions ranging from simple profile structures to finished mechanical equipment structures.

Minitec’s innovative aluminum profiles combined with Movetec’s wide range of high-quality components allow for an unlimited number of applications. We make complete conveyors and production units according to the customer’s design.

Machining of MiniTec aluminum profiles

Movetec’s Salo unit provides professional service when you need sizing, design, cutting, machining, and assembly of MiniTec aluminum profiles. The aluminum profiles and spin-offs can be supplied according to customer needs. Our modern warehouse and production facilities have become familiar to our customers since the early 2000s.

Movetec’s high-quality components enable an unlimited number of applications, from simple structures (e.g. safety barriers) to demanding linear systems. We make complete conveyors and production units according to the customer’s design.

MiniTec/Hiwin linear units

The MiniTec/Hiwin linear unit is a pre-designed unit that is easy to size for different extensions and strengths.

There are ready-made 3D and mounting plate models for the production of two- and three-axis assemblies for all models. Our design service also implements customized 3D modeling of linear units.

  • Fast manufacturing: materials are in stock at our factory
  • Wide range of engine options for different purposes
  • Accessories such as mechanical grippers, suction boxes, suction cups, and vacuum technology.

Minitec/Hiwi V-belt and screw-driven linear units

Contact us at the development stage and we will design the right profile and linear motion structure for your application.

  • V-belt drives 25AT10 ,32AT10, and 50AT10
  • Screw drives 16 mm — 32 mm, 5 — 32 mm lead


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