We offer a comprehensive range of battery chargers for almost every application and for charging the most common battery models. In power ranges of 30 – 3200W, you can find a low-power basic charger suitable for individual battery charging or an intelligent charger with precise and programmable features for charging backup system batteries, equipped with smart functions and monitoring capabilities.

For the most demanding applications, rack-mounted charger units can be connected in parallel to create a charging system with a power output of up to 25,600W. These types of systems typically require comprehensive control features from the charger. In many MEAN WELL charger models, this can be achieved either through the charger’s built-in connections or with an external SBP-001 unit, allowing the charger to be connected to a computer.


External battery charger

At Movetec, you can find general-purpose, portable basic chargers, battery chargers, and AC-powered chargers in power ranges of 30-330W. This type of charger is suitable for various applications. Contact us for more information!

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Programmable Desktop Charger

Our range of smart chargers is designed for laboratory, industrial, and professional use. The power ranges of smart chargers are 120-1700W. We can find a suitable solution for your application from our selection.


Miniaturized High-Power Intelligent Chargers

The RPB-1600 (1600W) and DBU-3200 (3200W) programmable smart chargers can be used either as standalone units or installed in a 1U high 19″ rack as part of a larger charging system.

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Charger for Harsh Environment

We also provide battery charger solutions for particularly harsh conditions. Two-stage chargers designed for challenging environments minimize the risk of interference. These types of chargers feature aluminum enclosures and wide temperature ranges. Tell us about your application, and together we will find a suitable solution!

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