DIN Rail Power Supplies

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DIN Rail Power Supplies

DIN rail is a standardized 35-millimeter wide metal rail used worldwide in electrical enclosures and other installation boxes for mounting various switches, relays, connectors, power supplies, safety devices, meters, and other central components. It is cost-effective and easy to use, requiring minimal tools for installation. DIN rails enable easy and neat connections, allowing for quick maintenance. Most device enclosures come pre-installed with DIN rails. DIN rail and the products mounted on it facilitate the work of equipment builders, as component installation is straightforward and the solution can be easily replicated in subsequent installations. Many electrical components are designed to be compatible with DIN rail mounting by default, making system assembly simple. The width of components that can be attached to the rail is often expressed in modules, with one module measuring 17.5mm.

Movetec offers a comprehensive range of DIN rail-compatible power supplies. DIN rail power supplies are well-suited for various building automation applications, as well as power supply solutions in industrial and machinery construction. Different power distribution applications can also be easily implemented using DIN rail power supplies. Power ratings range from 6W to 960W, with global certifications. Our selection of DIN rail power supplies from manufacturers such as MEAN WELL and Traco Power includes models certified for process industry applications, such as ATEX and EX certifications.

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