DC/DC Converters

A DC/DC converter converts DC voltage to AC current and then back to DC voltage, but at a different voltage level. These converters are widely used in various electronic applications.

In our range, you will find standard DC/DC converters for surface mount, through-hole, or board-mounted applications, available in both enclosed and open-frame models. The enclosed models are suitable for train, vehicle, and industrial applications. DIN rail-mounted DC/DC converters are popular in industrial use. For extremely compact applications, we offer board-mounted converters. The power range of these converters varies from 0.5W up to 22kW.

Our selection of DC/DC converters is reliable, high-quality, and internationally certified. We offer approved products for industrial, communication, train, and medical applications.

Enclosed DC/DC converters

A wide range of enclosed DC/DC converters ranging from 15W to 1,000W for train, vehicle, and industrial applications. Features:

  • Wide input range
  • Reliable screw terminals
  • Excellent vibration and noise immunity
  • International train and industrial certifications

DC/DC converters DIN rail

Models suitable for industrial use, with some also suitable for train applications. Products are available in plastic and metal enclosures, with power ratings ranging from 15W to 480W. Features:

  • Wide input and temperature ranges
  • Reliable screw terminals
  • International train and industrial certifications
Traco Power DCDC-muuntimet

DC/DC converters

A comprehensive range of board-mounted converters ranging from 0.5W to 200W. Through-hole and surface-mount models are available, including versions approved for train and medical applications. Features:

  • Industry-standard pinouts
  • Unregulated and regulated models
  • High I/O isolation, up to 5,000VDC
  • 2:1 or 4:1 models
  • Extensive certifications

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